If you are a drone owner in Sri Lanka, you should register your drone under Civil Aviation Authority in Sri Lanka

Currently the online registration platform is disabled due to security reasons. CAA is currently re -registering drones under district basis.

All drone owners who haven’t registered yet should fill the following application and email it to CAA via Fax +94 11 2257154 or email mgrasm@caa.lk, amasm@caa.lk for the registration. When they do the registration in your district they will inform you. Then, they will do a inspection and give you the registration. The Fee is 3500 LKR.

Application for registration https://www.caa.lk/images/stories/pdf/Drones/Drone_Registration_Application_06_05_2019.pdf

Owners how have already obtain the registration will be re-registered

Contact information of CAA

Telephone No. 94-11-2358800
Fax: 94-11-2257154
E-mail: info@caa.lk

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