Drones have evolved in recent years to become known as any unmanned aerial
vehicles (UAVs).Essentially , they’ re flying robots .Drones are multi functional. They are use to entertainment ,professional aerial photography and videography, to track
wildlife,inspect,bridges and even plant trees.
Most drones come either ready to fly or bind and fly .a ready –to-fly drone is a drone
comes complete with everything you need to fly .you may need to do some assembly, but not much. A bind-and –fly drone ,on the other hand, means need to bind your drone to your controller before you can start flying .Typical features of a drone include GPS navigation,Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, video streaming and camera support.

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Ok, who wouldn’t want their own flying robot.Seariously….
If that doesn’t sell you right off the bat, here’s why you should consider buying a drone.
  • You already own RC cars, boats, helicopter etc..
  • You’re into photography or videography –and you love adventure
  • You’re interested in drone technology.
While they are difficult to master. They are easy to pick up and get started

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Of course, you will need to known how to use your drone. Every single drone on the
market has it’s own set of features and specifications and not all are suited for what you want to use it for .This is why it’s important to be clear on your why… why you want to buy a drone .
If you plan to buy a drone just for the love of flying. You will need to look for one
with an inbuilt camera- or maybe no camera at all.However , if aerial videography and
photography is your motivation, you will want to look for s drone that comes with a high-
quality camera.
Here are three questions to ask yourself before you buy your drone.
  • Do you want a drone just to fly? If you plan to fly just for the fun of it.and don’t really need all the extra bells and whistels,you may not need camera support.
  • Do you want to fly long distances.for extended periods? If you want to fly ,far and wide,you want to make sure that you have a balance of battery life and motor  power.Think about whether you powered up. Also ,make sure communication with your control can handle it.check your distances.
  •  Is video and image quality important? If you are looking to create professional quality videos and images, this should be your driver when you’re looking at drones. Look for a drone that can support an add-on camera device.


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