• Currently Drone Operations within the Sri Lankan Territory are suspended.
  • If you need to fly your drone within the Sri Lankan Territory, please follow the following steps
**Each an every drone which contains a camera or a recording device should follow the following steps

Step 1 – Obtain special Security Clearance from the Ministry of Defense

You are required to obtain the special Security Clearance from the Secretary to Ministry of Defense for the Operation of the Drone. Please find the contact information from the following website


Step 2 – Obtain Approval from Civil Aviation Authority

You can submit the above special security clearance to Civil Aviation Authority and obtain the approval CAA. For further enquiries, please contact 011-2358817/819 or email: mgrssp@caa.lk or amssp@caa.lk with a copy to ddgasr@caa.lk

After obtain above approvals, you are free to fly your drone.

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